Apple Watch 1st Generation - 42mm (Imperfect)


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Apple explains that the Apple Watch is "an incredibly accurate timepiece, an intimate and immediate communication device and a groundbreaking health and fitness companion" that is required to be paired with an also carried iPhone 5 or newer for most functions.

All Apple Watch devices are controlled with a "Digital Crown" and the Retina caliber displays include "Force Touch" capability that can differentiate between a light tap and a heavier press for more navigational possibilities.

Battery life is an Apple estimated "up to 18 hours" overall, but more specifically "up to 3 hours" of talk time, "up to 6.5 hours" of audio playback or working out, "up to 48 hours" of use as a watch (using it 20 seconds per hour), and "up to 72 hours" of low power "Power Reserve" usage. It charges via a custom inductive charger with MagSafe capability which is made of plastic for this model rather than metal like the higher-end models.